12 Best Productivity Tools to Use in 2017

There was once a saying, ‘don’t work hard, work smart’. There is merit in hard work, but it can often be superseded by working smart. One way to maximize work done in a small amount of time is to utilize tools that are out there waiting to be tried. One of the key elements in working smart is to have excellent organization skills – and likewise a roster of productivity tools that can do wonders for you. Here they are:


  1. ASANA. Asana is a team productivity tool that helps everyone stay on track. If you have a specific project that needs to be done on time, you can have all your colleagues in Asana, assign tasks to them, and specify the respective deadlines. This way you can stay on track and measure the success of your project. Another team productivity tool is Freedcamp. It serves as a center for project planning and organization. You can choose to see your tasks as a list or as sticky notes. Having a team productivity platform is important in today’s time to easily delegate tasks without having to email their tasks one by one.


  1. GOOGLE DRIVE. Nothing beats productivity by having Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides and more on your drive. Google Drive lets you store 15 GB of free online storage so you can keep photos, designs, drawings, recordings, videos and much more. You can also connect more apps to your drive so you can have a variety of tools to choose from.


  1. EVERNOTE. If you’re always on the go you can download the Evernote app and have images, audio, and video recorded to your phone with ease. It also allows you to key in notes, paste screenshots, upload attachments, and set reminders as well as bookmark articles from the web for later viewing. You can also sync all data to your smartphone, laptop, or computer.


  1. STAYFOCUSED. If you are the type who likely strays away from work and to social media platforms (i.e. Facebook), StayFocused is a free Chrome extension that limits or restricts the amount of time you spend on websites that may affect your work productivity. You can choose which websites to block and how long to block them.


  1. GOOGLE VOICE. If you are an entrepreneur, Google Voice gives you one number for all your phones – a phone number that is tied to you, not a device or location. With Google Voice, you can text from your computer, make voicemail as easy as email, customize caller greetings, pick up calls from any phone may it be your home phone or office phone, make international conference calls, block unwanted callers, and listen in on voicemail.


  1. LASTPASS. How often do you click ‘forgot password’ every time you try to log in to a particular website/account? Lastpass remembers all your passwords. How secure is LastPass? It has been recommended by PC Magazine, Lifehacker, and CNet to name a few. It has been guaranteed secure and safe.


  1. GOOGLE ANALYTICS AND GOOGLE WEBMASTER TOOLS. This productivity tool is for webmasters and search engine optimization (SEO) gurus who want to optimize and maximize traffic to a website. Google’s online marketing tools provides valuable insights regarding a website’s traffic, performance, referrals, and conversion.


  1. MAILCHIMP. More than 14 million people who use MailChimp grow their businesses on their terms. Connect your online shop, make pleasing emails and newsletters, create powerful automation, monitor analytics, integrate with a number of apps, and more.


  1. HOOTSUITE. Hootsuite is a haven for social media marketers given the liberty to schedule posts, maybe it be Facebook or Twitter, and manage a number of pages all in one easy-to-access dashboard. You can choose to view your scheduled posts as a list or as pins in a calendar.


  1. TOGGL. If athletes regularly strive to beat their best time, you can also do so. Toggl is a simple time tracker tool that allows you to track the time it takes to complete tasks. Toggl will also allow you to have a collection of your projects with the length of time that you finished it.


  1. GOOGLE ALERTS. If you are involved in the world of public relations (PR) and marketing, you would want to acknowledge the websites and pages that mention your business or brand anywhere on the web. It is also one way to monitor backlinks and other concerns related to PR.


  1. SANEBOX. SaneBox is a useful tool to help you sort your email. SaneBox will analyze your past and ongoing email activity to filter emails from those that matter from those that don’t. The emails that are not deemed to be important are forwarded to a SaneLater folder from which you can check on later.


These are just some of the productivity tools worth trying. On the other hand, could there ever be a productivity tool that embodies all the features mentioned above – of course, with a human touch? When it comes to maximizing productivity, nothing can beat having a virtual assistant that can help you with your tasks – may it be project-based or long term. You can hire a professional virtual assistant for administrative tasks or an IT Professional should you want someone with in depth experience in search engine optimization (SEO), as well as someone who knows how to use Hootsuite, Google Webmaster, Mailchimp and the like. This will save you time and money. You also get to have luxury of time to focus on the core areas of your company.


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