Why should start-ups utilize the services of a virtual assistant? Simple, if you want to get things done without spending too much time or effort, then it is best to employ the services of a dependable VA. Of course, running a business – be it small, medium, or large – can have tasks that may be too overwhelming, and too tedious to do by yourself. Employing a virtual assistant is like employing a secretary – with less pay and wider scope of service.

Virtual assistants help expand your business, reach more prospects, market your company, nurture your customers – all the while making your life easy by handling all the administrative matter while you focus on the core areas of your company. Moreover, there are also virtual assistants with expertise in a specific scope like accounting, IT, e-commerce, real estate inside sales, real estate back office, etc. It is imperative to know that outsourcing, compared to hiring an in-house employee or team, can cut operational costs in half. Outsourcing can cut operational costs such as costs in infrastructure, manpower, technology and maintenance of equipment. With a VA, you don’t need to allocate office space, desktop, and/or phone as your VA will be with you online all the time.

Start-ups should utilize the services of a Virtual Assistant. Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Virtual assistants make your office life easy. Whether you want to outsource administrative tasks, customer service, inbound/outbound marketing, digital campaign, web development, search engine optimization (SEO), and/or social media marketing, virtual assistants are there to make your office life easy. If you want to outsource any task that you find difficult, then you can delegate it to your VA.
  1. Outsourcing can cut operational costs in half. As mentioned, outsourcing or delegating your tasks to a virtual assistant or an outsourcing firm can cut operational costs in half when it comes to costs in manpower, infrastructure, technology, equipment, and maintenance. You can also save in logistical costs such as in appropriating office equipment, desk, computer, paper, etc.
  1. Virtual assistants are cheaper than hiring a secretary. Virtual assistants can work per hour or per project. Moreover, most VAs are independent contractors rather than employees, so clients are not obliged to pay for any employee-related tax, insurance or benefit – except in the context wherein indirect expenses are included in the VA’s fees.
  1. VA’s are experts in their own respective fields. Virtual assistants are not only limited to administrative work. There are VA who have specialized in real estate, accounting services, virtual IT services, e-commerce, website design and development, search engine optimization, social media management, graphics, and the like. There are also VA that have adept telemarketing skills, such as real estate inside sales (IS) VA who are experts in lead generation, lead nurturing, and sales.
  1. VA’s are well-versed in many online productivity tools. If you want to take your productivity to the next level, there are many online tools and apps that are always at the ready. However, if you don’t want to spend time learning these tools, then you can opt to hire a VA who is already knowledgeable about the tool/app/software. IT virtual assistants are well-versed in using WordPress, Hootsuite, Google Webmaster and Analytics, Mailchimp and so much more.
  1. Virtual assistants are web-savvy and know the latest trends in the market. This is true to virtual assistants with paramount experience in sales. This also is true to SEO specialists. For example, virtual assistant’s adept in SEO are knowledgeable of the latest trends in Google algorithms and can easily optimize your website to be search engine savvy. Google is extremely fast in updating algorithms (from Panda to Mobile Friendly to Hummingbird).

Of course, finding the right virtual assistant is sometimes not that easy. Oftentimes, it is hard to look for the right one yourself. However, there are outsourcing firms that have sifted and trained cream-of-the-crop virtual assistants and have established a roster of professional virtual assistants are IT professionals available for hire. 5 STAR VAs is an outsourcing company based in Iloilo City, Philippines and is dedicated to matchmaking clients with dependable and well-trained virtual assistants and IT professionals.

Here are the specific VA services provided by 5 STAR VAs:

  • General VA – this includes a virtual assistant well-rounded in administrative work, office support services and the like. General VA are considered to be the backbone of any business. They handle mundane tasks and keep businesses running smoothly.
  • SEO Specialist – this includes IT professional’s adept in search engine optimization, social media marketing, and digital marketing all in all. They are also adept in interpreting website analytics and use these data to optimize a particular website to drive traffic.
  • Real Estate Inside Sales VA – this includes adept lead generation specialists with paramount experience in sales and lead nurturing. They will be the guiding arm of clients all throughout the sales funnel involving real estate.
  • Real Estate Back Office VA – this will be the support system of real estate inside sales VA, being the backbone of the business. They are also adept in managing MLS (multiple listing system), researching property ownership, assisting clients in creating comparative market analysis and the like
  • Marketing Specialist VA – this includes marketers well-versed in the latest trends involving business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) as well as updates regarding inbound and outbound marketing and the techniques involved.
  • Customer Service VA – this includes VA who have the passion to provide exemplary customer service when taking in calls, replying to emails, responding to inquiries and forwarding calls to the right department.

5 STAR VAs is headed by an Australian/British management coupled with a local Filipino entrepreneur to bring clients international experience at the same time local knowledge. It is the vision of this company to share its passion and expertise to clients and to equip them with the knowledge that there is a solution to their staffing needs at an affordable rate. It also aims to make every client’s vision a reality.

All virtual assistants are screened to be a tailor-fit match to the client and the client’s requirement through a thorough matchmaking process. 5 STAR VAs is located in Iloilo City, Philippines. Email 5 STAR VAs at info@5starvas.com or visit the website at www.5starvas.com 


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