Real Estate Investors – How can a virtual assistant be a benefit to your business?

First off, being in the real estate business can start off easy – easily manageable, that is. You only need to focus on one single aspect: lead generation. Lead generation is the process of finding potential clientele for your market. It is a monumental process in any kind of business. On the other hand, it is often the hardest. Tasks involved would include strategic marketing. It may include inbound and/or outbound methods – and it may involve the following: cold calling, cold emailing, social media management and the like.

Now, where does a virtual assistant come in?

Actually, a virtual assistant can help you all throughout. There are many ways that a virtual assistant can come in and take the heavy load off your back.

A virtual assistant can help you in marketing, lead generation, lead nurturing, and administrative work. Here are specific ways that a VA can help you in your real estate business:

Marketing. As mentioned, marketing can be inbound, outbound, or both. Inbound marketing includes strategies such as web development, search engine optimization, social media marketing and the like. Your VA can help you launch your website, write articles for your blog, add pages and listing to your website, schedule posts for your social media accounts, manage your online and offline profiles and the like. If you are employing outbound methods, your VA can make a list of potential contacts (data profiling and cleanup), do cold emailing and/or cold calling, and arrange the production and distribution of flyers for you.

Lead Generation. Marketing and lead generation are often the same although the latter gets in touch with interested clientele and possibly potential clients. There is a golden rule in lead generation, and it involves a fast lead response time. According to a lead response management study, responding to a lead within 5 minutes would mean that you are 4 times more likely to qualify that lead compared to a 10-minute response time – and a whopping 21 times more likely to convert that lead compared to a 30 minutes’ response. Your VA can help you with this, especially when you are in a client meeting. Your VA can respond to inquiries, arrange appointments and the like when you are unavailable.

Lead Nurturing. Lead Nurturing is one secret to successful lead generation. Oftentimes, when a cold email reaches a prospect, they might not be interested during that particular time frame. On the other hand, they might be after 2 or 3 months. Lead nurturing is the process of keeping in touch with prospects after the initial sales pitch has been given. Lead nurturing would also mean developing relations with clients at every stage of the sales funnel. Your VA can keep in touch with a particular prospect for months, establish rapport, and provide value to your potential customers – this way your prospects feel that they are important and cared for. This would also increase the chance of closing a sale.

Administrative work. This aspect has a wide scope but involves all the menial repetitive tasks involved in real estate. Your VA’s administrative work can range from preparing seminar materials, arranging business cards or property brochure and the like, to entering data into the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), assisting in a comparative market analysis, researching tax and applicable proration’s, craigslist posting and many more. Apart from that, your VA can also book your travels, handle your online shopping, and even recruit new members for your team. A VA is indeed a big help to get a load off your back and let you focus on the core areas of your business.

So how to find the right virtual assistant for you?

The scope of work that a VA can do is quite vast and finding the right person to delegate tasks to is oftentimes a hurdle. It is important to find a reliable and dependable person to do tasks for you and represent you to your prospects and clients.

Moreover, you need someone reliable enough to entrust your business processes, not to mention confidential files. This is why outsourcing companies are there to help you with the business of finding reliable staff. 5 STAR VAs is a Philippine-based outsourcing company specializing in matchmaking clients to a pool of professional Filipino virtual assistants and virtual IT professionals. The company is spearheaded by an Australian/British management paired with a local Filipino entrepreneur to bring clients international experience paired with local knowledge.

What keeps 5 STAR VAs apart from other outsourcing companies is that it focuses on hands-on recruitment and candidate suitability. The company makes sure that the VA is competitive and is a perfect match for the client and the client’s industry. It is the company’s vision to share its passion and expertise to their clients – and to provide an answers to their staffing needs at an affordable rate.

Another feature provided by 5 STAR VAs is its CO-MANAGED SERVICE, wherein VA’s are overseen in a HR capacity, having a backup whenever a client needs it and to be of optimum assistance for any HR issue that would occur. The VA selection would include SOURCING, wherein VA’s are selected according to their expertise matched with the client’s requirement. Then it is followed by TESTING. In testing, VA’s are screened for their English language abilities and capability. A DISC personality profile test is also conducted to make sure they are perfect for the client. Next in line would be an interview with the recruiting staff wherein 3 VA’s are selected for a final interview with the client. When the client has made a decision, the VA can commence working in 7 to 14 days. All virtual assistants are screened in a way that they are guaranteed to be up for the job.

5 STAR VAs is dedicated to providing quality and competent virtual assistants to its clients and to be a guiding hand outsourcing and recruitment. Head office is located in Iloilo City, Philippines. Email 5 STAR VAs at or visit the website at

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